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Summer Essentials

What is the essence of summer? To me, it’s this look by Olivia Palermo. Normally buttoned up and on the edge of fashion, she breaks free with this beautiful, breezy white dress. She trades her tweed in for white ruffles, her dark shades for see-through cat eyes, and her pointy toe pumps for kick-up-your-heels flats. And in doing so, she ushers in my list of […] View Post

Go Buy Now: Beach Totes

The time has finally come to turn into a beach bum, yes, summer is finally here ( I’ve only been waiting all year) and I can’t tell you how excited I am to spend my days off lounging in the sun with friends and getting a nice sun-kissed tan-I can’t handle this pale skin much longer. That being said, no beach day is complete withthout […] View Post