Festival Meets Fashion: What to Wear to Summer Music Festivals

It’s that time of year again. Time to head to the desert for sun and song with friends and, of course, good fashion. Headline your own show with standout style, a mix that is equal parts vintage vibe, feminine flair and beautiful boho. Beginning with denim cutoffs, or a romper add a vintage blouse with lace or crochet. Then load on the accessories: a fringed hobo, a fist full of rings, a long tasseled necklace, and colorful sandals. Boho reigns supreme among the crowds. Think macrame and crochet, boots and cutoffs, hats and hair accessories, and lots and lots of fringe to achieve the festival chic look. With style this eye-catching, you’ll be stealing the show!

Even if you’re not heading to Palm Springs, it’s all right here to shop: