Eyebrow Mapping at Home: Here’s What You’ll Need!

If you haven’t heard of eyebrow mapping yet, where have you been? Eyebrow mapping is swiftly becoming one of the most popular methods to achieve symmetrical and flattering brows for any occasion.

OK, so if eyebrow mapping is new to you, I’ll let you off. Eyebrow trends tend to change as often as the seasons or fashion trends. One day people are sporting sculpted, thin arches, and the next messy, thick, and natural-looking brows are all the trend.

But eyebrow mapping is swiftly becoming a constant technique preferred by the pros for creating perfect brows that match your face shape.

If you love perfectly mapped brows but not the cost of salon treatments, you’ll be glad to know eyebrow mapping is pretty easy to do at home.

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What is eyebrow mapping?

OK, let me fill you in if you’re unfamiliar with eyebrow mapping. Knowing how to map eyebrows means finding your ideal brow shape.

But what is eyebrow mapping?

Brow mapping is a popular process that can create symmetry between both of your brows when styling.

By using multiple measurements across your brows and eyes, you can establish the most perfect eyebrows for your face. Although a standard technique, what you get is an entirely personalized result.

Eyebrow mapping is also one of the simplest ways of training your natural brows without the major mistakes; avoiding too thin eyebrows or an arch that’s pushed too far inwards.

What are the benefits of brow mapping?

Eyebrow mapping has some pretty magical effects and so many benefits.

For starters, you can map out the most suitable and most natural-looking brow shape that suits your face’s shape, structure, and general facial features.

So, what does that mean? It means that your eyebrows won’t be too close together or disproportionate to your whole face.

What’s more, using the eyebrow mapping tool can create the lift and intensity needed to elongate the look of your eyes and create a more defined facial structure.

What do you need for eyebrow mapping?

When having your eyebrows mapped at a salon or home, specialists will usually use a brow pencil to mark out where your eyebrows should sit. You can also buy some tools at home to make the process easier, such as an eyebrow mapping ruler.

Stylia Disposable Eyebrow Ruler Stencils
Stylia Disposable Eyebrow Ruler Stencils



But if you’re giving eyebrow mapping a go at home, the only eyebrow mapping tools you’ll need are a mirror and an eyebrow pencil as a marker pen for your face.

How do I map my eyebrow shape?

Mapping your eyebrows at home is easier than you think, should you wish to avoid any salon fees.

Follow the below DIY steps for easy eyebrow mapping;

  1. Start with an eyebrow pencil (as your marker) and mark the three main points along each brow. These points include the front, the arch, and the eyebrow’s tail.
  2. To find the front of your eyebrow, place the end of your eye pencil vertically along the dimple of your nose and the inner corner of your eye. Then mark where the pencil crosses your brow.
  3. Finding your arch is similarly as easy. Lay your pencil along the dimple of the nose towards the brow, turning it slightly diagonally, so it sits in line with the outside of the iris. The arch should be at its highest at this point.
  4. Lastly, tilt your pencil from the side of your nostril to the corner of your eye (closest to your ear) to find the tail of your brow.
  5. Measuring and mapping your three points in this way helps you to figure out what the basic shape of your eyebrow should be.
  6. Outline the top of your eyebrow by connecting these points with your eye or brow pencil.
  7. Lastly, outline the same shape as we did above along the bottom of your brow. But remember, how thick you want your brow is entirely up to you.
  8. Now you’ve drawn your perfect brow shape, you can tweeze any eyebrow hairs that fall outside of these lines. Doing so allows you to create symmetry and tidy up your brows to your liking.
eyebrow mapping technique

Some extra tips for eyebrow mapping

Once you’ve mapped out your eyebrows and are happy with the look, remove your excess hairs slowly. As we get older and our hair’s growth cycle slows, you may find it difficult to regrow brow hairs in sparse areas.

When removing hairs outside of your mapped desired shape, it’s much easier to go back and remove extra than regrow hair. So when using the tweezers, always pluck one hair at a time and keep reassessing, especially if you’re a beginner.

Although we love this technique for eyebrow maintenance, please remember it’s not a strict science. It’s best not to try too hard to get your brows completely symmetrical.

Both sides of the body are by no means identical. For example, you might find one eyebrow grows slightly different; one has really long hair or a cowlick.

Ignore these minor imperfections. Work with the eyebrows you have, and don’t try to match them perfectly.

Lastly, if you’ve got a heavily overgrown set of brows or are not confident in your abilities, I recommend attending a pro salon and asking a brow expert to do your eyebrow mapping.