Recipe For A Happy & Stress-Free Holiday Season

Holiday Survival Guide

The beginning of November has become synonymous with the start of the Holiday season, which makes December sometimes full of stress and worries that you won’t ‘get it all done.’ While we’re all anticipating the beauty that this season brings with it, it’s hard not to get just a little stressed out over the hustle and bustle. There are only 26 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, which means it’s not too early to be thinking about your holiday shopping list. To help you make the most of these all-too-quickly-passing months, today, I’m offering my advice for slowing down and savoring the snowfall, family, friends, shopping, and the holiday sweets.

Start the day with yourself. I love kicking off a busy holiday with an early morning Barre3 class or hike with my dog, it’s the perfect way to gather my thoughts for the day and center myself. I’ll go for a hike up the trails in my backyard here in Austin, no matter what, it’s important to me to start the day feeling healthy, balanced, and grateful. New workout gear is another way to get or stay motivated:

Dress for ease and comfort. If I’m going to be hopping in and out of the car from morning ‘till night, you better believe I’m going to be comfortable while doing it. I like to dress up just a little, with an easy dress, walkable boots, and lots of layers to stay warm and cozy.

Plan ahead. Timing is everything when it comes to visiting multiple homes in one day. Take note of what everyone is doing, and when, and plan your day accordingly. Communicate and set expectations ahead of time, so everyone knows your game plan.

Rest and reset. Remember to take some time for yourself throughout the day to give thanks for what you have. It may feel crazy jumping from house to house, but in the end, that abundance of love and family should be celebrated. Enjoy it, but be sure to give yourself some time, too.

What are your favorite ways to unwide and relax during the busy holidays? Leave a comment on my Instagram and let me know your tips and advice!