CW, NBC, ABC, FOX and CBS show renewal and cancelation news!

Not a great year for fan loved shows….The CW has canceled Privileged…..BAD IDEA IMO!

* CBS has canceled Without A Trace and renewed Numb3rs.

I’m told Eye execs had one slot left, and they went with Numb3rs because it’s less expensive to produce.

CBS has also dropped Eleventh Hour and renewed How I Met Your Mother, Gary Unmarried, Rules of Engagement, and Old Christine.

* The CW will not be renewing Privileged for a second season. There was talk of a possible midseason berth for the much-loved dramedy, but, ultimately, the show was a casualty of the network’s strong development. “It’s truly heartbreaking,” series creator Rina Mimoun said via e-mail. “I’m so grateful to everyone out there who supported our little show and fell in love with Megan Smith. She was the most delightful character I’ve ever had the pleasure to write and watching JoAnna Garcia bring her to life every day was a gift I will never forget. I’m incredibly proud of the work we did and forever indebted to all the fans, critics and to Warner Bros. for being so wonderful and supportive. I will miss this more than you know.” Class act, that one.

*Among new shows, The CW has picked up Melrose Place 2.0, Beautiful Life, and Vampire Diaries. Oh, and the Gossip Girl spin-off is officially dead.

* NBC has pulled the plug on My Name is Earl. The show’s sidekick, Ethan Suplee, confirmed the news via Twitter. “Just got the call that My Name Is Earl has been canceled,” he wrote. “They sure did take their time with that decision — or rather informing us of it.” An Earl insider says execs at 20th Century (the show’s producer) are in discussions with Fox and ABC about picking up the four-year-old comedy.

* NBC has passed on ordering another season of Medium. However, CBS, which owns the show, is expected to pick it up and pair it on Fridays with Ghost Whisperer.

* CBS is disbanding The Unit after four seasons. No talk of another network rescuing it.

The CW
90210: Already renewed.
America’s Next Top Model: Already renewed.
Everybody Hates Chris: It’s a goner.
The Game: It’s a long shot.
Gossip Girl: Already renewed.
One Tree Hill: Already renewed.
Privileged: Now officially canceled.
Reaper: It’s a goner.
Smallville: Already renewed.
Supernatural: Already renewed.

30 Rock: Already renewed.
The Biggest Loser: Already renewed.
Celebrity Apprentice: Already renewed.
Chuck: Now officially renewed.

Friday Night Lights: Already renewed.
Heroes: officially renewed.
Kath & Kim: It’s a goner.
Kings: It’s a goner.
Knight Rider: It’s a goner.
Law & Order: Now officially renewed.
Law & Order: CI: Could go either way.
Law & Order: SVU: Already renewed.
Life: Now officially canceled.
Lipstick Jungle: Officially canceled.
Medium: Canceled by NBC; expected to move to CBS.
My Name is Earl: Canceled by NBC; being shopped to Fox and ABC.
The Office: Already renewed.
Parks and Recreation: Now officially renewed.
Southland: Officially renewed for 13 episodes.


24: Already renewed.
American Dad: Already renewed.
American Idol: Already renewed.
Bones: officially renewed for two seasons.
Dollhouse: officially renewed for 13 episodes.
Family Guy: Already renewed.
Fringe: Sure thing. Now officially renewed.
House: Sure thing. Now officially renewed.
King of the Hill: Officially canceled.
Kitchen Nightmares: Already renewed.
Lie to Me: Sure thing. Officially renewed for 13 episodes.
Prison Break: Officially canceled.
The Simpsons: Already renewed.
Sit Down, Shut Up: It’s a goner.
Terminator: Now officially canceled.
‘Til Death: Already renewed

The Bachelor: Already renewed.
Better Off Ted: officially renewed.
Brothers & Sisters: Already renewed.
Castle: officially renewed.
Cupid: officially canceled.
Dancing with the Stars: Already renewed.
Desperate Housewives: Already renewed.
Dirty Sexy Money: Officially canceled.
Eli Stone: Officially canceled.
Grey’s Anatomy: Already renewed.
In the Motherhood: Officially canceled.
Lost: Already renewed.
Private Practice: Already renewed.
Pushing Daisies: Officially canceled.
Samantha Who?: officially canceled.
Scrubs: officially renewed.
Supernanny: Already renewed.
Surviving Suburbia: A long shot.
Ugly Betty: Already renewed.
The Unusuals: officially canceled.
Wife Swap: Already renewed.

The Amazing Race: Already renewed.
The Big Bang Theory: Already renewed.
Cold Case: officially renewed.
Criminal Minds: officially renewed.
CSI: officially renewed.
CSI: Miami: officially renewed.
CSI: NY:  officially renewed.
Eleventh Hour: officially canceled.
Flashpoint: A long shot. Could continue airing in Canada.
Gary Unmarried: officially renewed.
Ghost Whisperer: Officially renewed.
Harper’s Island: officially canceled.
How I Met Your Mother: officially renewed.
The Mentalist: officially renewed.
NCIS: Sure thing.  officially renewed.
New Adventures of Old Christine: officially renewed.
Numb3rs: officially renewed.
Rules of Engagement: officially renewed.
Survivor: Already renewed.
Two and a Half Men: Already renewed.
The Unit: officially canceled.
Without a Trace: officially canceled.
Worst Week: A long shot. Now officially canceled.