Fashion Bloggers To Watch: Chiara Ferragni

Celebrities are not the only ones with an amazing sense of style!
I have recently found myself immersed inside the lives (and fashion) of some of the world’s most creative trendsetters through their blogs.
I love the photos, clothes and the flair for which they write down their adventures while globe trotting ever so stylishly.

Celebrity Style Guide will now run regular “Fashion Bloggers To Watch” articles featuring one trend-setting new blogger at a time.

For our first feature we chose one of my daily must visit sites…..”The Blonde Salad“.
This great style blog focuses on fashion, trends and style seen and reinterpreted by Italian Fashionista Chiara.
I love her eclectic mix of high end designers, retail gems and vintage finds.

We asked Chiara about a few of her favorite things:

Q) What handbag are you loving right now?

A) I’d love a Mulberry alexa bag right now

Q) Who are your favorite designers?

A) Alexander Mcqueen for sure, then also Gareth Pugh and Yves Saint Laurent

Q) Where are your favorite places to shop?

A) I usually shop in Milan, love especially vintage stores!

Q) Who are your style icons?

A) Kate Moss, Anna dello Russo, Miroslava Duma

Q) What is your favorite trend right now?

A) I love wearing lace and high platforms