Lucy Hale’s Affordable Jeans Every Woman’s After Right Now

When Levi's says that a style of skinny jeans has been 'taking closets by storm ever since we released it', we're all ears. That's exactly what the subject of an email newsletter from the brand stated this week. Not only that, the subject line of the email was 'Every woman's after this jean.' Upon opening the email, we were pleased to find that we're not the only ones that are big fans of Levi's 501 Skinny Jeans, the '90s-inspired style we've been obsessed with ever since their release late last year. Not only do the jeans look authentically vintage, but they're comfortable, flattering, and affordable, with prices ranging from $98 to $168. Lucy Hale's pair is only $39! (Photo: BACKGRID)
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posted: Jul 15,2021
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