Kristin Cavallari Uses These Black Diamond Eye Masks

If there’s one skincare concern we all have, it’s the bags and circles underneath our eyes. Whether they’re genetic or the result of a sleepless night, we want them gone. Fast. Even if we don’t have them now, we know they’re coming, and the more intensely we can prevent them, the better. We can use eye cream and get lots of sleep, and that’s great, but a little backup goes a long way, and one of our favorite reality stars of all time can attest to that. The 111SKIN Celestial Black Diamond Eye Mask is a favorite of Kristin Cavallari, who shared a selfie on Instagram wearing one of her beauty must-haves. The Very Cavallari star lives a fabulous but hectic life, and husband Jay Cutler can only help with so much! Cavallari leaves her eye care to the professionals. 111SKIN was founded by a plastic surgeon, after all! (Credit: Us Weekly)
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posted: Jul 15,2021
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