Erin Andrews Shows How to Wear Pearls Like You Mean It

Polarizing trends. You know the kind—you either embrace them wholeheartedly or you claim "I'm just not a [insert trend here] type of person." They typically fall into one specific style camp. Well, pearls seem to be one of those trends. We'd actually be lying if we said we didn't fall into the category of previously claiming to not be the type of people who wear pearls. Again, previously. Pearls, probably because they're so polarizing or maybe in spite of that fact, are subject to being reinvented by designers time and again. This year, we're seeing them adorn not just jewelry, but bags, shoes, and even key pieces of clothing.

TV Host (Dancing with the Stars) Erin Andrews wore a suit with a special touch. Her Rebecca Vallance Pipi blazer features contrast satin lapels and pearl trim inserted along the edge of the lapel. This is how to wear pearls the 2019 way.
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posted: Jul 15,2021
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