Angelina Jolie Has Been Wearing This $5 Face Mask

Everyone should be wearing masks while out in public right now and you could be wearing one just like Angelina Jolie! The Oscar-winning actress has been wearing the same reusable gray face mask in all of the recent outings she’s made. The mask is a $5 one from Everlane‘s 100% Human line. They’re available in many colors! You can get a five-pack of black masks, a five-pack of assorted striped masks, or a five-pack of tie-dye face masks – all for $25 each. “We launched 100% Human back in 2017 to bring people together to support the fight for human rights. For every 100% Human Face Mask 5-Pack sold, we’ll be donating 10% sales to the ACLU. To date, we’ve donated over $600K through this program,” the brand said. #HumanTogether
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posted: Jul 15,2021
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