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Celebrity Travel Beauty Tips & Essentials


Travel fashionably-The best celebrity airport style

Airplane environments are often glamorized and portrayed as these über-luxurious atmospheres with people sipping martinis in suits and fancy dresses who are leaving the flight with not a hair out of place or smeared makeup mark present. Unfortunately, this is just not reality. Even the most accommodating of flights can still wear on your body and face, especially after five hours or more. Between the […] View Post

Quality Beauty at a Steal: 10 For $10 and Under

Confession: I’m a cosmetic-aholic. For me, there’s nothing more fun that bringing a load home from Sephora, a bag full of treats from the make-up counter at Macy’s. But this addiction can get a little spendy, no? So rather than say goodbye to my monthly haul, I’ve opted instead to check out the corner drugstore. And what I found surprised me: quality beauty at a […] View Post

Create The Sultry Glow of a Swimsuit Supermodel

Create The Sultry Glow of a Swimsuit Supermodel

The countdown to swimsuit season is here, and we’re all in a race to get our bodies bikini ready. To give myself a leg up, I’ve stolen a few secrets. It’s not just the toned body that creates the sexy appeal of the swimsuit model, it’s her sultry glow. The base of it all is the perfect tan, achieved not with hours on the tanning […] View Post