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Celebrity Style Beauty

Ahhhh, Blake Lively. How is it that you celebrities get that effortless glow? that perfect tan? that lustrous hair? It’s not without effort, we know, but you guys do have a few secrets up your sleeves. Excellent lighting and a team of stylists aside, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite celebrity style beauty secrets. Flawless skin sets the celebrities apart, so I start […] View Post

Quality Beauty at a Steal: 10 For $10 and Under

Confession: I’m a cosmetic-aholic. For me, there’s nothing more fun that bringing a load home from Sephora, a bag full of treats from the make-up counter at Macy’s. But this addiction can get a little spendy, no? So rather than say goodbye to my monthly haul, I’ve opted instead to check out the corner drugstore. And what I found surprised me: quality beauty at a […] View Post

Celebrity Style Beauty Trends

With the change of seasons comes a change in my beauty routine, not to mention the beauty trends that are hitting the streets and the red carpet. I don’t want to throw out my whole makeup routine, but I do want to freshen up my face. And I’m looking to Jessica Alba as my inspiration. She hit the red carpet in three of spring’s top […] View Post

Get Beach Ready

Get Beach Ready

This morning I’m dreaming of white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and fruity drinks. In the midst of paperwork and phone calls, emails and meetings, my oasis has been the thought that even though spring break season is over, summer beach season is right around the corner. I’m inviting you to come along today in dreaming, and maybe a little shopping. All the products on my […] View Post

Create The Sultry Glow of a Swimsuit Supermodel

Create The Sultry Glow of a Swimsuit Supermodel

The countdown to swimsuit season is here, and we’re all in a race to get our bodies bikini ready. To give myself a leg up, I’ve stolen a few secrets. It’s not just the toned body that creates the sexy appeal of the swimsuit model, it’s her sultry glow. The base of it all is the perfect tan, achieved not with hours on the tanning […] View Post

My Beauty Must Haves

Spring is a time to clean and sort, simplify and streamline. As I review my beauty routine, I’m drawn yet again to my favorite beauty products. My go-to products never let me down, and it’s no surprise that they are the building blocks of my beauty regimen. Among my must-have skin care products are a classic cleanser, a hydrating sunscreen, an age-defying night cream and […] View Post