Celebrity Style Dupes: Hermes Oran Sandal

The Hermès Sandals Bloggers Are Obsessed With

The celebrity and blogger favorite and highly coveted, Hermès’ Oran slide sandals are still high on every fashion girl’s wishlist!

They’ve been around for quite a while now and are a classic shoe style from Hermès’ permanent collection. Their rise to fame that’s been nothing short of meteoric, earning itself a place in just about any wardrobe, including that of the iconic Ashley Olsen. A hit among fashion insiders within the last few years and you’ve been anywhere near an Instagram feed this summer, last summer and just about any summer since around 2014, you’re bound to have come across this beauty… or at least a few hundred dupes.

The Hermès Sandals Bloggers Are Obsessed With

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I love the elegant, minimalist design, it’s so chic and timeless! It’s the perfect summer/vacation/beach shoe, don’t you think? Except you might not have the A-List paycheck and the heart to spend $680 on a pair of beach shoes that could be in danger of getting lost or stolen.

Hermès Oran Slide Sandals Celebrities

Luckily, there are quite a few budget-friendly Hermès alternatives available by now that are both affordable and just as stylish as the real deal. Just keep on scrolling to see my favorite Oran dupes.