You asked for it!! Kristin Cavallari’s beauty secrets revealed!!

After the photos of beautiful Kristin Cavallari shopping at Bebe hit the internet last Friday we were flooded with e-mails about her amazing look! Fans wanted to know everything they could about her hair and make-up that day as she singled handedly jumped us into our favorite summer season. She looked flawless, her hair was the most perfect shade of blonde I have seen in a while and with the rash of “all wrong celebrity blonde” going on right now I was very impressed.

So we decided to go straight to the source and Miss Kristin was happy to let her fans know how to get her flawless look.

She was also gracious enough to share a gals most guarded secret….her favorite celebrity colorist who gets her hair to where it is so shiny and smooth we can actually SEE the paparazzi taking her photo in her long blonde locks!

Here is the information Kristin and Justin Anderson of Neil George Salon shared exclusively with Celebrity Style Guide.

Make-up Kristin used to achiever her sun-kissed beach babe look:

Eyeliner: Bobbi Brown Creamy Eye Pencil in black
Dior ‘Diorshow – Black Out’ Mascara

Eye shadow: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Champagne
Foundation: Armani
Lipgloss: MAC’s Underage Lipglass (Kristin’s favorite and one she always wears)

Kristin’s colorist, Justin Anderson of Neil George Salon, was also kind enough to give Celebrity Style Guide the exclusive on how he archives her amazing blonde color that has everybody talking!

Justin’s Tips:

Kristin’s hair is naturally a dark blonde.
In order to make her blonde brighter and bolder… I lift her natural base one full shade and add a golden tone.
After this process we add three different shades of blonde, ranging from a warm golden highlight throughout the back and a buttery blonde shade through the top, and finally framing her face with a bold baby blonde highlight.
Through her ends I free hand paint blonde tips with the lightest blonde shade..
I use all loreal products on her. At the shampoo bowl at the end i pull a clear gloss over everything to add that extra shine.

Okay girls, run… don’t walk to see Justin at Neil George salon if you are lucky enough to live in California!
If not just take his sage words of wisdom to your favorite colorist and you should be all set.
Feel free to submit photos of yourself with your new great “Kristin” color and we will post in on the blog…..and it’s not cheating if Justin himself does it!!