Our New Flooring: The Reveal


Guys, I’m so excited to finally reveal the entirety of my remodeling project with you today. I’ve been working on this for such a long time, and it’s been incredible to watch my vision be created into reality. Hopefully you all have enjoyed reading the updates I’ve been posting for the past few weeks. I know I have had so much fun sharing the big steps with you!

Now for the reveal…..










Serendipity Devour Cowhide Rug





Now that I can relax and sit back in my finished living room, I’m just so happy with how everything turned out. While it’s always a stressful process, these renovations finished at the perfect time as we enter the beginning of the back-to-school and holiday season. I’m looking forward to showing off the new rooms and floors to all of our in-laws, who have also been anxiously waiting to see the finished results. If you’re wanting to upgrade your home before the holidays, you still have time! Even if it’s just a simple paint job and re-carpeting of the stairs, the whole look of a home can change.

I was thrilled to partner with Mohawk floors during this remodel, which made upgrading the carpeting and hard wood floors much easier than expected. Like I’ve mentioned in past posts, I couldn’t be happier with how our floors turned out! We sifted through several options for wood stains and carpet styles, but we definitely made the right choice in the end. Since I opted for more neutral colors, like the cool brown and grey in the wood panels, I was able to choose a complimentary carpet with ease. Maintaining the streamlined look of the flooring, I chose Karastan’s Leighland carpeting in Reflection (thanks to its subtle pattern and creamy, neutral color). Not only did this add a luxe, elevated look to our stairs, but it will hide stains and dirt well too. Besides how gorgeous both the floors and the carpets look, the hard wood also feels amazing under bare feet. It’s so strange to think about wood floors being comfortable, but they really are!

Our old wood had this uneven texture that would leave my feet aching after standing for a few hours, but the new wood is so smooth even my kids noticed! While I gushed about them even more in My Home Remodel: The Before, the Architexture Medieval Oak from Mohawk really is so gorgeous and practical. Mohawk flooring was recommended to me by my friends when I began remodeling, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone else looking for quality flooring or carpeting too.

As for the rest of the room, I had so much fun piecing together different artwork and accessories to design the perfect look. First, I need to talk to you guys about my Moroccan pouf!! They have been on my wish list for the longest time, and I knew I would finally have to get one once we decided to remodel. I bought mine from Tazi Designs because of their high quality, beautiful leather, and unique stitching. It ties the whole room together and adds unexpected whimsy (which is always appreciated in my house). I highly recommend them, and if you’re interested in amazing Moroccan-style inspiration, make sure to check out Tazi Design’s Instagram (@tazidesigns).

My office is the room I spend most of my day in so it had to be special and inspiring! I carefully chose all the items that I felt dressed up the room and would inspire my creativity. One of my favorite pieces in the room is this gorgeous and modern, silver Serendipity Devour Cowhide Rug. I have had so many compliments on this rug! My office is the first room after you walk into the front door so this rug is one of the first things people see and the metallic details make it special and glamorous and the perfect accessory to welcome family and friends into our home.

Another favorite piece of my living room is the artwork we chose to hang on the walls. I went through Minted’s website (which has beautiful artwork, stationary, and holiday cards) and fell in love with “Sandy San Franciscan Steps.” This photograph takes me back to my childhood and reminds me of how my home has totally become my happy place. Its neutral coloring fits in well with the rest of the house, and it’s actually really calming. Is there any artwork in your home that has the same effect on you? If you go onto their website, you can search through many prints by color, style, or artist. They even have their own curated style sections!

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A few more details I love to add to make any room feel more polished and home-y are fresh flowers, favorite candles, and other comfy accessories like plush pillows or soft throws. Also, don’t forget to add personal trinkets and photos to really personalize your space and make it feel like home. At the end of the day, you have the power to make your home whatever you want it to be!

*Proud to partner with Mohawk Flooring on this post, all comments and opinions are my own.
*Huge thank you to Designer Showroom of Texas for their help on this project!