My new Obsession…..Bronx Reno boots!!

Have you ever had the experienece of putting on a pair of shoes or boots that are so comfortable you could actually LIVE in them??

I just that experience when I slipped on my Celebrity Style “Jennifer Aniston” Bronx Reno Boots.

You all saw them on Jennifer Aniston, I know because you all wrote us and demanded the designer info on them. 🙂

I too HAD to find out who made these “must have” boots.

Thank goodness I did because I never plan on taking my Bronx Reno boots off! LOL!

I ordered me a pair and they were here next day and I litterally squeeled when I pulled them from the box.

Muttering under my breath over and over “please be comfy, please be comfy” I put them on….VOILA….my perfect boot!!

Now I am a pretty consistent size 7.5 so I went with the size 8 (38) and they are the perfect fit.

So these boots are getting the coveted 5 Celebrity Star rating and now I am off try and figure out what color to get next…Black or Camel….or both!!?!!

Get your very own pair of Jennifer Aniston’s new favorite boots here!