My new Obsession…..Black Orchid Denim!

As many of you know by now I LOVE jeans, they are my weakness and I have over 50 pairs and have tried over 70.
I am very picky about my denim.

I like a well made, soft, flattering silhouette (especially for my skinny and straight leg jeans) and most of all they have to “fit”!
No gap, pull, pinch, stretch in the wrong spot….well you get my drift.

In a never ending sea of denim I love to find the few “Holy Grail” jeans that make me want to wear them day and night and that I cannot live without.

Well I found a Holy Grail pair last week and I have to add them to “my obsession” part of my blog.


Last week Halle Berry wore a pair of Black Orchid skinny jeans while hopping on a flight at LAX and then seen again this past weekend!
She looked stylish and hip in her “Black Jewel” skinny jeans.

Just like me, Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria Parker and and Eva Mendes can’t get enough of their new Black Orchid jeans!

Selena was seen wearing grey “Black Jewel” skinny jeans while grabbing a snack with her mom on Sunday.

Kim chose a pair of dark washed “Black Magic” straight legs while running around NYC last week.

You will love Black Orchid’s amazing fit thanks to the ‘S-Gene’ fabric and body-conscious designs.”

Available in an array of styles and washes, celebs are quick to get their hands on these figure-flattering jeans.

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