My new Obsession…..

Those who know me well know I have a slight handbag addiction. I become obsessed with at least one handbag per season and of course they are usually the hardest bags to get your hands on, Amy ODell of New York fashion details my plight…

Behold! It’s Prada’s fairy-print bag or, as you may know it, the must-have item for spring, a limited-edition little number only available in Prada stores. For the benefit of you deep-pocketed readers, we called the Prada on 57th Street, where we were informed that the $2,300 bag is obviously out of stock. They do, however, have nice, long wait lists for both the round and square versions of the bag, and we’ve been pleasantly informed that if we were to sign up today, it’d be a couple of months before we’d have anything pretty in our hands. Oh, the agony! Even worse, the store gets shipments every two weeks, but there are only a mere five bags per shipment. Why must they taunt us so? Because quality takes time. And the Italians love to torture us simply because they can.

The store has been getting shipments since January, so our minimal-concentration math tells us probably around fifteen people have actually received their goodies from the midtown Prada store so far. And a few of those could have been foreigners, which adds up to a very small number of people walking around the city with Prada fairies dangling off their shoulders. If you want to be that person within the next couple of months, get thee to Prada and give them your credit-card imprint. Yes, you actually have to go in person, no phoning it in. Godspeed, girls.

****EDIT**** We just got word that the bags are defective..if they get wet the paint will run! Prada ordered the stores to tell the customers.