Have pet…will travel!

I am going to be traveling for the first time with my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel soon and I have to say I am a tad nervous but excited to show him off to family.

The only way I would even consider doing this is with my Snoozer Rollaround, a little travel tip I picked up after seeing Jennifer Love Hewitt with her little doggy snuggled so comfortable in her Snoozer. I thought “I can do this”! My little pup loves his Snoozer, which doubles as a car seat too which is great for car rides. He already jumps right in it and will even sleep in it from time to time. I have to say one if it best features is the extending handle and wheels, boy does that make life easier to get around in a crowd. If you want to travel in celebrity style I highly recommend the Snoozer Rollaround!

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