Celebrity Style Guide Saulte to Celebrity Mom’s & Their Style!!

Well it’s May and Spring is in the air and celebrity babies are everywhere!!

This month, in honor of our celebrity mom’s and their style, we have picked a few items to highlight and share that every mommy or mommy to be should have…not JUST celebs like Angelina and Jessica Alba!

First we have the “Celebrity Style” bouncy seat that was given to all the new celebrity moms like Jessica Alba, Christina Aguilera, Brooke Shields and Mariska Hargitay!

It is the “must have” Svan Bouncy seat!

The next best place to being in your arms, the gorgeous bentwood Svan Bouncer is the perfect seat for your baby.

  • Fully adjustable seat allows your baby to lay down for naps, sit up to observe their surroundings, or lounge anywhere in between.
  • Rock your child to sleep with a gentle tap of your foot or allow it to bounce with your child’s own movement.
  • Provides a safe, comfortable seat in which to transition them to solid foods.
  • Folds up for easy storage or travel.
  • Padded fabric seat is easily detachable for machine washing (a must).
  • Bentwood backrest provides excellent support for your baby’s developing body.

Buy your Svan Bouncy seat and all your other “Celebrity Style” baby needs where the celebrities shop modernnursery.com!

For a limited time get Jessica Alba’s other baby shower gift the Cloud B attachment toys with purchase!

See the Svan Bouncy Seat in Brooke’s group of shower gifts!


Jessica Alba’s Baby Shower…she got the Svan Bouncy seat in sage green!