Celebrity Style Guide Saulte to Celebrity Mom’s & Their Style!!

So we all know that celebrity mom’s are extremely fashion conscious and look amazing in their carefully selected maternity styles.

You didn’t think that just because the check into the hospital to give birth that they are going to demand any less then the best style for delivery do you?

A little secret (well not anymore) for all you fashion forward mom’s and mom’s to be that comes straight out of the celebrity mom handbook is….B.Y.O.G…Bring Your Own Gown!!

That’s right!

No old, tattered, bum showing hospital stamped gowns for Hollywood’s elite!

Jessica Alba is getting her hospital bag ready as her due date fast approaches and she just ordered her a Labor and Delivery Gown in Bluebird from B.Y.O.G!

As fashionable as these gowns are, hospital functionality is not sacrificed.

A line of snaps goes all the way up the back of this gown, allowing for easy opening without risking rear end exposure. Hidden in the gently gathered sleeves are a line of clever snaps that allow you to discreetly open the entire sleeve and drop it down to breastfeed.

You’re going to take a million pictures when you have your baby, and you are going to want to be comfortable. I can’t think of a better way to do that than with a gown from B.Y.O.G. and I just cannot wait to wear mine!

Jessica Alba’s Delivery Day Gown: