Celebrity Style Guide’s “Must Have” Kid’s Christmas List! It’s SPIKE!!

We are gearing up for the Holidays as it is that time again and we are adding an extra special section titled Celebrity Style Guide’s “Celebrity kid’s Must Have Christmas List!”

We will be featuring the toys sure to be on all the celebrity kids, and their parents, wish list.

This next item would be perfect for moms like Angelina Jolie (Pax & Maddox you know will get this!), Victoria Beckham (she has 3 boys to buy for!) and Kate Hudson (Ryder looks like such the Dinosaur fan!).

Introducing Fisher-Price Imaginext Spike the Ultra Dinosaur….THE HOT TOY for the 2008 Holiday Season!

If you have young kid’s you probably already know about Spike and all the great things he can do…and how he MUST be under the tree this Christmas.

We tot tested this big guy and he was the hit of the party!

It’s very easy to use and is truly amazing, the adults had as much fun playing with him as the kid’s!

Spike looks so cool and will literally have your child’s jaw drop to the floor upon first seeing him…the next words to follow will be something like “AWESOME”…”COOL”….”THAT’S MINE”!!

We were amazed at how well it worked, and it is loaded with surprises, like going to sleep (yawning & snoring included) after 2 minutes of inactivity, and a music button that plays jungle-type music that is a very cool touch.

On the upside for kids, Spike is loud, has flashing lights, and is VERY Godzilla-like in his world view!!

His remote control is very simple to use and most children could master it.

His mouth is big enough to completely eat the ping-pong ball size “rocks” that come with him.

This toy is flying off the shelves and is selling online as fast as expected (it is THE Holiday toy) so get yours NOW….tuck it in a great hiding place and when your child asks why you have the suspicious huge grin on your face the next 6 weeks you can simply say “You’ll see”!

Get the Fisher-Price Imaginext Spike the Ultra Dinosaur HERE!!