Celebrity Mom Must Have…The Wendy Anne Moses Basket!

This is hands down the most beautiful Moses basket available!

When the Wendy Anne Organic Cotton Velour Moses Basket arrived I couldn’t believe how gorgeous it was, so soft and luxurious!

No wonder Christina A, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez all have their new babies resting comfortably in a Wendy Anne Moses Basket!

Expectant parents spend a ton of time buying cribs, assembling them and selecting bedding to match a nursery’s decor, but most parents prefer to wait a while before they actually have baby sleep in the crib.

The perfect option is a Wendy Anne Moses basket.

Whether for a first or third child, every new baby will love to snuggle in this traditional Wendy Anne Moses basket. Convenient for parents and caregivers, a Moses basket provides a portable bed with heirloom quality bedding that is just right for those first few months.

Exclusive to this style is the retractable hood to guard baby from sun or drafts, as well as protective netting if used outdoors.

This basket makes the perfect gift for any mom to be or for your new baby.

Purchase your Wendy Anne Moses Basket here…..sweet dreams little ones!