Celebrities like to “Skin it”…..their BlackBerry that is!!

So by now hopefully you all have a BlackBerry and if you don’t where the heck have you been!

Okay, maybe I shouldn’t say that since I just got mine but I LOVE IT so far and I can’t imagine not having it now!!

There is a reason that every single celebrity in Hollywood has some BlackBerry device.

I swear it is like “Where’s Waldo” you can spot a BlackBerry in every celebrity photo it seems..which is kind of a fun game actually.

I will have a full review from my side (nontechnical, and straight forward girl’s point of view) and my lead web developers side (will be very technical boy’s point of view) LOL! Coming very soon.

In the meantime it is time for you to “Skin your BlackBerry”!!!

With all the fun colors to choose from and the just right price you can “skin it” like a celebrity in no time!

The orange seems to be the hot color right now for Fall Reese and Jake both have matching Orange right now!

Or you can go the Madonna route and get a pink skin.

You can “Skin” any BlackBerry device so everyone is let in on the fun!

Have fun and just a warning these are like potato chips…you can’t have just one!