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Why I’m Over-The-Top Excited for Over-The-Knee Boot Season


I love the over-the-knee boot trend for many reasons (like the shoe’s wearability and style). First of all, they’re so flattering and totally elongate your legs! Over-the-knee boots come in a variety of styles (high or low heels, leather or suede) and are super wearable with jeans, dresses, or skirts. My Stuart Weitzman pair are perfect for a day outing because of […] View Post

Oversized Sweaters and Denim Cutoffs


Summer is almost over, which means it’s time for my favorite type of season: sweater weather! I love Fall fashion, and wearing sweaters is probably the best part about it. But what to do if the weather is still pretty warm outside, but you have the Fall vibes going on? Well guys, for all of you who will experience a bit of a warmer Fall […] View Post

A Cheat Sheet to Cleaning out Your Closet


Just like how we visit doctors to make sure we’re functioning properly, the things we own need to be checked on too. I’m talking about cleaning out your closet, which is a task that can be conquered with a little patience, focus, and a good playlist. This post will guide you through a relatively quick decluttering, but make sure to read Marie Kondo’s book, The […] View Post

The Celebrity Style Beauty Secret You Need In Your Life


For years now, celebrities have claimed laser hair removal to be one of their biggest beauty go-tos. Loyal and famous customers range from the Kardashians to Chrissy Teigen, all swearing to have found the best way to reduce their hair growth once and for all. Recently in the press it was revealed that Victoria Beckham – Following advice from Eva Longoria, decided to ditch the […] View Post

Most Wanted Denim Trends For Fall


Today I’m looking ahead with my celebrity style Fall Denim Guide with a few new, fun pieces to ease into Fall. It’s my favorite kind of guide to pull together, as I love my denim and jeans are better than ever! Close cropped and second skinned, skinny jeans are still IT, but for Fall 2017 the slit hems, exposed zippers, raw edges, and ruffle accents, […] View Post

Sarah Jessica Parker Swears By This Trendy Shoe


In Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw, as played by Sarah Jessica Parker, passionately defended “a woman’s right to shoes.”

Now it appears the actress is expanding upon the maxim by defending a woman’s right to comfortable footwear—even if other people think they’re ugly.

While traveling back to New York City from the Hamptons, Parker wore a pair of wooden Swedish sandals, a far […] View Post

Celebrity Style At Home: It’s Time For Pillows & Pajamas


Can you believe it’s August? Summer seems to go by faster and faster every year. I have to remind myself to slow down, take deep breaths and just enjoy the little things in life. Those who know me, know that two of my favorite things are pillows and pajamas.

I love pillows that feel like clouds and pajamas that are cozy and beautiful. I believe […] View Post