Another Nicole Richie “Must Have”…. Her Oliver Goldsmith “AUDREY” Sunglasses!

Nicole Richie loves old Hollywood Glamour and style and that is one of the reasons she loves her black Oliver Goldsmith “AUDREY” Sunglasses!

These retro frames from Oliver Goldsmith are a great investment and the style will be a classic that never has and never will go out of style.

I agree with the The Luxe Chronicles and feel these tips are worth repeating!

“I can’t think of a better, quicker fashion fix than a stylish pair of good quality sunglasses. They cost a mere fraction of a handbag, unlike shoes they take up very little storage space and they can quickly transform any outfit. They’re also quite useful to mask a bad hair day or the aftermath of a good party.”

1. Conventional wisdom dictates that if you have a narrow, delicate face, you should stay away from large sunglasses. Ignore conventional wisdom. Just make sure the frames sit securely on the bridge of your nose so they don’t slide down at inopportune moments.

2. If you choose good quality, well-designed frames, you will have them for years to come. I own several pairs of Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses including some are the very same models worn by Hepburn in Two For The Road (1967) and Charade (1963) which the company still produces (I never claimed to be original, OK?). They remain surprisingly contemporary even today.

3. Make sure the lenses are dark enough so that you can ‘people watch’ discreetly. Dark lenses are also useful to avoid eye contact or politely deflect unwanted overtures. On the other hand, they’re also a great prop for flirting should the situation lend itself to that.

4. Always remove your sunglasses indoors. It’s rather difficult to be stylish when you’re stumbling around in the dark. It’s also quite rude. Unless of course, you’re Anna Wintour.